We, as Çözüm Kalıp, we manufacture Plastic Injection Molds for the leading companies of white goods and automotive sectors. We established our advertising policy over customer satisfaction. We have achieved the receive appreciation of you, our customers with upper segment molds regarding especially white goods display parts that we manufacture.


Our company provides guaranty options to its customers regarding the molds that it manufactures for 2 years of period or 2.000.000 printings. We manufacture mold cores, operating components and mold constructions in plastic mold manufacturing as deriving maximum mold life and maximum printing number.


All and any kind of machines, equipment and software that may be required for plastic mold manufacturing is available in our manufacturing plant. With our expert staff regarding plastic mold manufacturing, we present high quality products and services to you, our customers without any dimension limits, through our large machinery based on and supported by 3d CAD/CAM.

White Good Plastic Molds

As the result of our high quality and reliable services we have provided for long years on the area of white goods, we have manufactured the plastic molds of thousands of OEM part up to present. We received the appreciation of our customers especially with the molds of white goods display parts that we have manufactured.

Automotive Plastic Molds

Çözüm Kalıp has been manufacturing Plastic Injection Molds for automotive spare part manufacturers since its foundation. We work with the leading companies of the sector by means of our expert staff and cutting-edge machinery.

Other Industrial Plastic Molds

Çözüm Kalıp, provides services for many plastic product manufacturers regarding all and any kind of plastic injection mold manufacturing. There is kitchen utensil, cosmetic and electronic household appliance manufacturers among these companies.


Your Mold Manufacturer, which produces solutions, but not pretext

Today’s Industrial Plastic Injection Mold Manufacturing conditions focus on three issues. 1- Quality 2- Cost 3- Time. For the purpose of presenting services to our customers without putting these three issues in order of priorities and all together, our investments on technology and quality will continue determinedly and steadfastly. Our young and dynamic staff, which does not lose its amateur spirit, constitutes the backbone of Çözüm Kalıp manufacturing philosophy. We, as Çözüm Kalıp, work with the leading companies in the sector at this point that we reached through accepting the customer satisfaction as our most valuable capital and we are proud of this.


Çözüm Kalıp Plastic ve Machine Ind. Com. Ltd. Co.


Address: Topçular. Rami Kışla. Apek Üretmen İş Merkezi,
             A Blok No: 89 / 77 34055 Eyüp, İstanbul, Türkiye   
Telephon: (0212) 567 49 41 - 42


Fax: (0212) 501 56 31




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